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This children's ministry is designed to help kids know God.  Children will learn and understand biblical concepts and have concrete ways to apply it to their lives.

We will be learning through lessons, discussions, and interactive journals for the kids. The interactive journals include glow in the dark elements, 3D glasses and print.  The journals also include questions for kids to discuss with their parents, and bible verses to look up and read.  We want children to know that learning about God can be fun, and can impact their lives in very powerful ways. Please bring your children on Sunday nights from 4:45 pm to 6pm to learn and have fun.  If you have any questions, please feel free to 

The Vision of KidzLife


Mission Statement:

To help kids and leaders learn what the Kingdom of God is all about by knowing Jesus and His Word.


  • That the world would be transformed when generations of kids and leaders live out the Kingdom of God in their homes, schools, jobs and neighborhoods to the praise of His glory.

  • That kids would become leaders who know the Word and make disciples of Jesus.

  • That communities around the globe would have access to Kidzlife resources to make disciples in their own settings.




  • To lead kids to trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

  • To help kids really know their Bibles, hide His Word deep in their hearts, hear God’s voice and pray.

  • To equip our leaders to intentionally disciple kids.

  • To create small groups where kids can grow in relationships with one another and apply truth to their daily lives.

  • To worship God together.

  • To foster awareness and participation in God’s work all over the world.

  • To produce effective resources, training, and support for other communities to be able to run KidzLife.



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