Men Serving the Lord

We are "men serving the Lord", or at very least, we are men "in training" to serve the Lord.  This is a new ministry at Gateway Baptist Church and we are growing in our walk with Jesus.  As such, we would appreciate your input into how we can be a ministry that not only fulfills the "Great Commission" but allows us to serve YOU as well as our community.  We want to reach out to anyone who truly needs a little help from Christ-centered friends.  

While we study God's Word, we stand ready to assist our church family and our community with short-term tasks that can be accomplished in the time span of just a few hours.  As examples: 1) mowing the yard for those in the hospital or sick, 2) trimming shubbery, 3) assisting in a relocation (within 15 miles), 4) help with constructing wheel-chair ramps and hand-rails, 5) general yard0work, etc.

Please do not deprive us the joy of service by NOT asking for help when you need it.  This is a service to our Lord ... and you!

Use the form on this page to request help.  We'll get back with you as soon as we can.


JOSHUA 24:15     "... as for me any my house, we shall serve the Lord."